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Although the control room design may be only a small part of overall infrastructure in an oil and gas project, it has a very important role in day to day operations. Decisions made in the control room can have a direct effect on profitability, and with control rooms for pipeline control, refinery operation and other areas often operating 24/7, downtime is not an option. Your control room design should be both extremely reliable and practical so that it will remain functional for the life of your project.

The successes of critical decisions made in the control room depend in large part on the functional design of the control room itself. It is vital that your control room design be operator friendly and that its technical furniture meets ergonomic standards. Chairs should be designed for correct posture over extended shifts, preventing long term health issues. Modular workstations and other industrial desks should be adjustable, with the control room console within easy reach and screens in normal sight lines.



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The aesthetics of your control room design are also important as it is often the face of the project, and the first port of call when you want to give visitors a sense of your project.  The appearance and aesthetics can be vital when you consider your control room may be in service for 10 to 15 years or more. There is a great deal to manage in the development of a control room and no two control rooms are exactly the same.

Critical Room Solutions specialise in working through the considerations required to make your control room functional, ergonomically safe for your operators and visually impressive.  We also design our control rooms to last for the long term and to meet current and future business requirements.

Critical Room Solutions has been designing custom technical rooms for over 25 years, combining virtual reality with command & control and advanced communications. This breadth of experience creating quality leading edge solutions – including 3D visualisation systems for high profile clients Shell, Chevron and others – makes us the ideal business partner in control room integration for companies whose commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction matches our own.