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Power generation and distribution is an industry where control room decisions will have direct flow-on impact in the real world. The control room design must provide a safe and functional working environment for its operators so that the right critical decisions can be made. Future considerations must also be factored into the design, with the growing role of renewable sources such as wind and solar set to create extra challenges in the coordination of power delivery over the coming decade.

A new control room or upgrade to existing facilities such as the control room console and other components is a complex task requiring changeover that is correctly planned to prevent service interruption. It is important that processes are followed to ensure that the final design allows operators to work effectively. Technical furniture must be ergonomically safe, equipment at the correct height and distance for sustained high productivity and effective incident response, and the control room layout facilitating staff collaboration while reducing background noise.


Appearance is also important as the control room is often the first port of call for visitors. The aesthetics can be important when you consider the control room may be in operation for 10 to 15 years or more.

Critical Room Solutions specialise in working through the considerations required to make your power control room functional, ergonomically safe for your operators and visually attractive.  We also design our control rooms to be durable and functional for the long term.

Critical Room Solutions has been designing custom technical rooms for 25 years, combining virtual reality with command & control and advanced communications. This breadth of experience creating quality leading edge solutions makes us the ideal business partner in control room integration for companies whose commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction matches our own.

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