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Technical Furniture


Acoustic considerations are essential in today’s organisations. Especially important for mixing phone conversations and open plan environments, the importance of providing operators with a noise appropriate workplace is critical to productivity and psychological health. Critical Room Solutions partner with Autex Acoustics Australia as our provider of choice when it comes to acoustic panelling. Autex provide a superior product when it comes to acoustic products. Their material provides a premium solution to controlling reverberated noise, is made with no chemical binders and certified low VOC and is highly durable.

Sound Management

Directional speakers and sound masking provide further support when designing and building an environment where operator productivity and comfort is critical. Helping to mask noise not only within but between rooms (especially important for sensitive or confidential information) and to direct conversation towards the particular recipient all support the acoustic considerations of a new or refurbished environment.

Access Flooring

Installing unsightly umbilicals from the ceiling to consoles does not provide for a visually appealing environment, nor one that enables clear sightlines across the room. Starnet access floors address this issue by channelling important cabling under the floor. Access floors can be retrofitted above the existing floor with little to no difference in the weight that can be held.  


Lighting is an important ergonomic consideration which is, more often than not, overlooked in the design of a control room. Critical Room Solutions will work with you and your company to find the most suitable type of lighting for your environment. Inappropriate lighting and glare can sometimes be addressed through the type of monitor chosen, though we believe it is always best to address each critical element of the room in order to provide the most appropriate environment for occupants.

Commercial AV


Critical Room Solutions integrate the best commercial AV into intuitive, easy-to-use systems. Extron provide Critical Room Solutions with everything from computer-video interfaces and switchers to configurable control systems and signal processing equipment.  


Samsung are a well-known name when it comes to providing high-end electronics for both home and office. Critical Room Solutions have worked with Samsung for many years integrating their latest LED monitors and memory solutions into our comprehensive system design.



With everything from audio to headphones, lighting solutions and monitors, Philips and Critical Room Solutions have spent many hours working together to offer the best solution to our customers.


Barco is a global technology company which designs and develops visualisation products for various markets. Critical Room Solutions and Barco work together to offer simulation and virtual reality projectors and lenses to make technology rooms come to life.  

Video Conferencing


Polycom helps companies to collaborate using secure video, voice and content solutions in order to increase productivity, time to market and improved customer service. Critical Room Solutions uses the polycom systems both in their own offices and as an integral part of their fit-out of connected office solutions.  


Vaddio products are installed in some of the largest Fortune 500 companies as the growing need for group collaboration on the fly requires affordable, flexible and business-grade video conferencing applications. Vaddio is a trusted and relied upon supplier Critical Room Solutions work with to provide professional and usable Video conferencing solutions.


HuddleCam manufacture USB connected conference cameras and speakerphones for corporate, educational and private use. With Critical Room Solution’s extensive experience with videoconferencing, they are able to tailor an appropriate solution to suit you environments, needs and budget.

Digital Signage

Magic Info

Critical Room Solutions work with MagicInfo because it is a smart and intuitive content creation, management and display solution. With extensive knowledge in the area, Critical Room Solutions works with clients to help create eye-catching digital signage and interactive multimedia display systems for a range of environments.

Signage Live

Signage Live  offers digital signage that can be easily uploaded, scheduled and deployed to specific digital media. Considering the options available on the market, Critical Room Solutions will work with you to determine the most appropriate digital signage solution for your context to ensure the target market are captured with the most suitable content.

Bright Sign

BrightSign digital signage is known for ultimate reliability and a robust OS purpose-built for digital signage. Critical Room Solutions and BrightSign can create an environment to suit your needs – from a simply turnkey solution to a specialised power-packed application.

3D Solutions


Barco is a global technology company which designs and develops visualisation products for various markets. Critical Room Solutions and Barco work together to offer simulation and virtual reality projectors and lenses to make technology rooms come to life.


Using passive 3D technology, Infitec solutions create the illusion of image depth and 3D using Wavelength Multiplex Imaging Technology. Critical Room Solutions have used Infitec in a number of installations where it has proven of great benefit to our clients.

Collaboration Solutions

Epsis TeamBox

Critical Room Solutions integrate Epsis TeamBox into solutions as it improves day-to-day decision-making and operational performance – particularly in highly variable or time critical environments. TeamBox is able to manage different pieces of information into an intuitive system which can be accessed by any employee anywhere in the office (on-site or off-site). Critical Room Solutions see great benefit in TeamBox as it is able to reduce the time to decision, promotes operational discipline and enables effective management of resources.


Whenever we show ClickShare to clients the reaction is always the same – ‘how soon can we get one?’ In simple terms – and ClickShare is seriously simple – it allows any device to connect to the room’s AV system. It is a click and share product which connects to the laptop or other device so that the material on screen can be easily displayed on the presentation screen. Multiple ClickShares can be used during the meeting/presentation and allow a ‘click on/click off’ ease of transition between different information.

Edesk by Critical Room Solutions

The eDesk is a mobile motorised height adjustable table, featuring a tiltable 48” Multi-Touch Screen. The eDesk is completely manufactured in house after CRS recognised a need in industry for a user-friendly solution for meetings, group discussions and presentations. The desk height can be varied at the push of a button, as well as the screen angle ranging from horizontal to vertical, allowing for ultimate versatility, flexibility and comfort. The eDesk has two front mounted speakers, a USB camera , a smartcard reader and is available in two different colours.

Video Wall Management


Graphics controllers from Eyevis are specially designed for the control of mission critical video wall systems. The controllers are customised according to the system at hand, and are integrated by Critical Room Solutions so the system can  smoothly work as a whole. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Room Fittings

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Control Room Lite by Critical Room Solutions

The Control Room Lite console has been ergonomically designed and manufactured in-house by CRS to offer a mid-range solution for clients without the budget for a market leading Evans solution. The Control Room Lite console features sit/stand capabilities, integrated cable management, CPU storage, simple monitor mounting, integrated acoustic panelling, a 10 year warranty and is ideal for small projects.

Evans Consoles

Critical Room Solutions is extremely proud to be the Australian manufacturing representative for Evans Consoles. Evans are the world leader in the design and manufacturing of consoles for control rooms and other mission-critical, technology-intensive environments.  Over the past 30 years, they have built a reputation for providing quality control room console solutions that stand the test of time to a wide range of industries including defence, telecommunications and air traffic control. More info.

Smart Pods by Critical Room Solutions

The Smart Pod is a bespoke Critical Room Solutions design which combines sit/stand lightweight consoles with an effective HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and mounting system in one unit. The pods, consisting of one group of four individual desks, can sit back to back allowing for space maximisation and easy planning.  Alternatively, one pod could be located on site while the other may be located in the head office, allowing for consistency from one site to the next (facilitating the on-boarding process).