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The cost of running a 24/7 manned mining operation and the increased focus on both safety and production growth are some of the reasons the industry as a whole is moving towards a remote operation centres (ROC) model of operation. Additionally, attracting experienced staff to work in remote mining operations is becoming ever more challenging. Consolidating control room functions in a centrally located remote operations centre is a proven control room design strategy that will optimise staffing levels both on site and in the back-office.

Remote Operations Centres are collaborative environments used for more than just managing the day to day operation of equipment. Increasingly, they are used to monitor and control every aspect of the operation, bringing together the data and information necessary to sustain operations and help staff make the right critical operational decisions. The ROC will be the nerve centre of your project.

By consolidating a command and control environment into a central location, operational staff and key management are able to interact face to face, ensuring that issues can be addressed with the relevant people when required regardless of their location.  This can increase the efficiency of decision making and reduce environmental impact, as well as time and expense involved in travelling to site, both of which can have great impact on the bottom line.

Remote Operation Centres

Implementing a remote operations centre has its own large and complex considerations.  As for all types of control room, an important factor is the comfort and safety of your operators and staff, vital for productivity, efficient decision making, and overall staff satisfaction.

Critical Room Solutions are uniquely placed to assist in the design and implementation of the control room.  We bring together our broad range of experience in control room design, ergonomics, console design and audio visual expertise to ensure that your investment in a remote operation centre will work well when implemented and function for the long term.

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