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As well as conveying the ruggedness and majesty of the region, the Gorge Wall gives visitors an overview of the current status of the Roy Hill iron ore project, displaying key milestones such as video of the first blast for the construction of the railway, and aerial photos of the mine site, rail, port and camp construction projects. Also displayed is the all-important “first ore on ship” countdown clock. The wall can also be configured to flash welcome messages to important foreign visitors, including animated flying flags of the visiting delegates.

Standing 10 metres tall and spanning an area of 65 square metres, the Gorge Wall, believed to be the largest free-form high definition video wall in the world and the tallest in the southern hemisphere, has been submitted for consideration to the Guinness Book of Records. Forty-one 55 inch high-definition monitors deliver more than 86 million pixels of total resolution, and 47 high-end PCs work in parallel to provide a system that is capable of streaming live high-definition video at 60 frames per second.

CRS approached the delivery of the Gorge Wall in three phases, initially providing a four screen proof of concept at Roy Hill’s West Perth office before constructing a small scale version of the wall using standard 24 inch desktop monitors at their Perth warehouse, where the software and image concepts were developed. It also served as a stepping stone for CRS’s involvement in the roll-out of the AV solutions for Roy Hill’s Remote Operations Centre, which consisted of five video walls for the control room, and audio-visual and video conferencing solutions for the meeting, training and board rooms.

“We are very proud to have been chosen to realise Roy Hill’s vision, taking it from concept to reality to deliver this amazing icon,” says Lena Kimenkowski, General Manager at CRS. “Working with their team, we were successfully able to meet the design, construction and installation challenges of the project while using world class professional-grade products to deliver an entry statement that is truly one of a kind. The Gorge Wall provides Roy Hill with the ability to truly capture and display the sheer magnitude of an iron ore project that is set to become one of the biggest mines in the world.”

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CRS’s ‘Gorge Wall’ poised to become world record-breaker in scalable video display technology.

Roy Hill head office greets visitors with innovative multi-display video wall conveying the scale and majesty of the Pilbara.

Perth, WA – In the reception area of the new Roy Hill Corporate Headquarters, visitors are in for a special treat: a towering mosaic of video screens showcasing a dazzling montage of sweeping landscapes, rugged gorges, and other natural wonders of Western Australia’s vast Pilbara region.

Named the Gorge Wall, the video installation is the result of collaboration between Roy Hill and Critical Room Solutions, a WA-based company that has been a market leader in the design and deployment of commercial audio-visual systems for more than 22 years.