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Creating the best possible control room or monitoring room for security requires more than just creating a functional and safe environment for the operators. The security industry is a highly competitive marketplace, and your potential customers want to be sure they can trust you to monitor their assets. Your security control room has a crucial role in showing your customers how seriously you treat that responsibility.

The technical furniture in a control or monitoring room must meet strict functional and ergonomic requirements, combining best in class security monitoring with operator safety and comfort, and easy communication.

Proactive surveillance which combines early warning before incidents occur with rapid response requires selection and integration of the right video monitoring and alert systems.  Video screens should be positioned within sight lines, and the control room console designed to place equipment and controls within easy reach.


Aesthetics are also vital. A well designed monitoring room is visually impressive and can be a showcase for your company. We apply industry best practices to create a control room design which beats competition and meets all the requirements of an A1 security accredited facility.

Critical Room Solutions specialise in working through the considerations required to make your security control room ergonomically safe for your operators and visually attractive. Our control rooms are also designed to be durable and to last for the long term.

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