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Critical Room Solutions is extremely proud to be the Australian and New Zealand manufacturing representative for Evans Consoles.

With over 10,000 mission critical facilities installed globally, Evans Consoles are the world leader in the design and manufacturing of consoles for control rooms and other mission-critical, technology-intensive environments.  Over the past 30 years, they have built a reputation for providing quality control room console solutions that stand the test of time to a wide range of industries including defence, telecommunications, air traffic control and many others. Evans have offices and dealers around the world serving diverse and unique customers, including some of the most high tech and high security rooms in the world such as NASA, The Pentagon, Shell, Boeing, Raytheon and BHP.

Our relationship with Evans has proved beneficial for our clients time and time again, where Evan’s wealth of expertise and resources have been called upon to deliver bespoke consoles and solutions, specific to the needs of our clients.


Control Room Solutions is extremely proud to be the Australian manufacturing representative for Evans Consoles.

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Evans Consoles

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The Control Room Lite Range by Critical Room Solutions

The Control Room Lite console has been ergonomically designed and manufactured in-house by CRS to offer a mid-range solution for clients without the budget for a market leading Evans solution. The Control Room Lite console features sit/stand capabilities, integrated cable management, CPU storage, simple monitor mounting, integrated acoustic panelling and is ideal for small projects.

Smart Pods by Critical Room Solutions

The Smart Pod is a team orientated smart desk solution by Critical Room Solutions focused on delivering effective collaboration between teams or ‘pods’, but without neglecting the need for personal concentration. The Smart Pod has been designed as a more basic solution than the market leading Evans Consoles, with a lower price point to reflect that fact.

The Smart Pod design combines sit/stand lightweight consoles with an effective HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and mounting system in one unit. The pods, consisting of one group of four individual desks, can sit back to back allowing for space maximisation and easy planning.  Alternatively, one pod could be located on site while the other may be located in the head office, allowing for consistency from one site to the next (facilitating the on-boarding process). The Smart Pods are in-house designed and manufactured, allowing for customisation as needed.

eDesk by Critical Room Solutions

The eDesk is a mobile motorised height adjustable table, featuring a tiltable 48” Multi‐Touch Screen. The eDesk is completely manufactured in house after CRS recognised a need in industry for a user-friendly solution for meetings, group discussions and presentations. The desk height can be varied at the push of a button, as well as the screen angle ranging from horizontal to vertical, allowing for ultimate versatility, flexibility and comfort. The eDesk has two front mounted speakers, a USB camera , a smartcard reader and is available in two different colours. Please see the eDesk manual for technical specifications, or contact John Kimenkowski for more information.

The Control Room Lite Range consists of the WAVE Console pictured above and the CRL Engineering Pod pictured right and below. Both the WAVE Console and Engineering Pods have been designed to find a balance between team collaboration and personal focused tasks for teams of engineers, technical personnel, managers etc.

With heavy duty frames, high quality and workmanship, Evans consoles have a lifespan of 15–20 years, far exceeding other dispatch console furniture that generally holds up for only 7–10 years. Although Evans may not be the least expensive solution initially, the console longevity enables us to be the most economical solution and best value in the long run. When determining ROI, consideration also must be given to the associated costs and loss of productivity every time a center is renovated. Replacing your consoles every 7-10 years versus every 15-20 years will increase costs significantly. Evans have many installs from the 1980s and 90s that are still in use today!