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Transport is a diverse industry requiring control room design solutions that are specific to Rail Control, Port Control, Traffic Management, fleet management, and a variety of other segments. For most applications, an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) which minimises congestion and improves safety is now standard, combining security and general surveillance with analysis of large transport network topologies.

A typical transport control room operates 24/7, so taking it offline for a control room upgrade or installation is not usually an option. It is important that the control room design provide the best ergonomic solution for the safety and comfort of its operators. A highly functional transport control console design is required with careful consideration of ergonomic safety; control equipment placement and operator sight lines – an important factor when designing a control room which may require large screens and video walls for the display of multiple simultaneous video feeds. It should also facilitate staff collaboration, and have flexibility to be adapted for future technology and business requirements.


Critical Room Solutions specialise in working through the considerations required to make your control room functional, ergonomically safe for your operators and visually impressive.  We also design our control rooms to last for the long term and to meet current and future business requirements.

Critical Room Solutions has been designing custom technical rooms for 25 years, combining virtual reality with command & control and advanced communications. This breadth of experience creating quality leading edge solutions makes us the ideal business partner in control room integration for companies whose commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction matches our own.

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