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Water supply and distribution are essential services, which means that decisions made in the control room have a direct impact on the wider community. While control room design is only a small component of an overall water project, it should be viewed as a long term investment.

Water procurement and delivery can be geographically separate operations, requiring a control room design that seamlessly integrates their control and monitoring into one location. When designing your new control room or control room upgrade, it is crucial that you go through the necessary process to ensure the control room works effectively. The success of critical decisions for incident management, operational management and strategy depend in large part on the functional design of the room itself.

This means choosing technical furniture and modular workstations which provide an ergonomically safe and comfortable environment for your operators, minimise background noise levels, and allow easy collaboration among staff.


Critical Room Solutions specialise in working through the considerations required to make your water supply and distribution control room functional, ergonomically safe for your operators and visually impressive.  We also design our control rooms to last for the long term.

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